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Learning a craft like bamboo rod making can be a daunting task if the learner sets about doing it themselves.  The sheer cost of materials and tooling alone, have kept many from trying their hand at a hobby that otherwise could have become a fulfilling lifelong passion. Reading books and watching videos may help, but they can be confusing and may leave many questions.

Learning to make a bamboo rod by these methods will require at best a steep learning curve, and at worst lead to disappointment and disillusionment with the entire craft.  That’s why I recommend classes with an experienced rod maker and teacher, who can demonstrate the various steps, and the proper use of the various tools required to produce a quality rod.

Making your first rod with some hands-on instruction will help you determine whether rod making is a hobby you would like to pursue, without first investing more of your time, or purchasing costly tooling and equipment.  Students who complete my class leave with a completed rod they made themselves, as well as the ability to make their own rods in the future.

I offer class schedules tailored  to fit most schedules.  Under my personal guidance, the student will learn the safe use of the same equipment I use to produce rods in my shop.  I will share tips I have learned over the years to maximize their effective use and ensure a higher quality result.  Together, we will build a two piece, single tipped rod.  Class time can seem intense, as we will work 8-12 hours some days.  All the tools and materials are provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own tools if they have any.  I can evaluate the tools and if necessary tune them properly or offer suggestions for alternate replacements.

The six days of instruction will be organized as follows:

Day 1: selecting a culm, flaming (if desired) splitting and straightening the strips.

Day 2: rough planning, heat-treating, setting planning form,  and tapering the strips.

Day 3: final planning, gluing, straightening the blank, and sanding the sections.

Day 4: Ferrule mounting, assemble / turn the grip,

Day 5: Space and wrap on guides, seal guides. Apply first coat of varnish

Day 6: Apply final varnish coats, rod is ready to take home that afternoon.

My goal is to share my love of the craft of bamboo fly rod making in such a way that the student is motivated to pursue the hobby themselves.  The skills learned in my class will provide the basics necessary to begin making your own rods if you should choose to do so.  Students not only walk away with a completed rod of their own construction, but also with a fulfilling, lifelong hobby.

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The class fee is $1800 per student and a deposit of $500 is required to reserve your spot.